Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Recipe's Peppuh Time!

Superbowl Weekend + Stuffed Peppers = Ooooh yea!!!
These may look like ordinary stuffed peppers
that you've had at many a gathering,
but these are not made the 'standard' way around here.
The recipe to this particular way of stuffing peppers
is a bit of a sentimental one.
(Que the violins)

Long, long ago there was a sweet little family we grew to know and love
as a result of my husband being involved with
a prison ministry that his sister and her husband headed up.
(whew...longest sentence ever)
Those leading this ministry would gather often for prayer...and food.
Husbands, wives, tons of kids running around...did I mention lots of kids?!?
And some of the most memorable prayer times I have ever experienced.

As part of that ministry we got to know a little hispanic family.
A hispanic family that made the most awesome stuffed peppers EVER.
The pepper angel's name was Cynthia.
The wife and mother of this little family and she
made these peppers before anyone in the south
knew what stuffed peppers were.
Like I said, it was a long time ago.... more than 15 years.
After first tasting and then begging
for her to bring these peppers to every gathering,
she finally shared this secret recipe.

Here is all you will need:
1 - 12 oz pkg sliced bacon
1 1/2 - 8 oz pkgs cream cheese
1 - 26 oz can whole pickled jalapenos

First things first...set out your cream cheese to soften a bit.
Next.........the peppers
You must buy whole pickled jalapenos in a can.
Around here, there are only a couple of brands available- either is fine. the can and go find a bandana to wrap around your face...
because unless you are brave....
(not that these peppers are poisonous gas),
there is something about standing over a bowl full of peppers
slicing and seeding about 15 of them
that just seems to make me have a coughing fit!
Also, if your hands are sensitive, you should wear some gloves.
I've had my fingers burn for hours afterward sometimes
and no matter how much you wash up,
if you touch your eye at any point during the rest of the day,
you will be reminded you should have worn gloves!

Okay, so back to the peppers....
these peppers need to be drained
(feel free to save the carrots inside to chomp on if yours has those).
Slice each pepper in half lengthwise.
Do this over the sink...they are lots of juices inside the peppers.
Using your fingers (the peppers are pretty soft),
grab the seeds/stem out and quickly rinse the pepper.
I do all of this under cool running water.
Lay the seeded, rinsed pepper on some paper towels to dry a bit.

Now it's time to get your hands really dirty!
You need to grab a wad of cream cheese and smush it into each pepper.
There's no need to get all fancy and try to
spread the cream cheese in with a knife or spoon...
the peppers are a bit too fragile for that.
Your hands work best.
I kind of grab a handful of cream cheese, make a bit of a snake
and just smush or lay that into the pepper.

Now, it's time for a lovely bacon wrap! Mmm.
Cut your bacon slices in half.
Wrap each pepper individually with one half strip of bacon.
No toothpicks required.
Just stretch the bacon a bit when wrapping around the pepper
and as the bacon cooks and shrinks,
it will hang on to the pepper all by itself.
Lay these heavenly treats on a Pam sprayed wire rack
that's been placed in a baking pan!

Bake uncovered in preheated 375-400 degree oven, for appx 45 min to 1 hour.
You will begin to smell the amazing aroma when they are close to doneness.
Cook until your level of bacon crispness is achieved.

One large can of peppers, 1 1/2 pkgs cream cheese and 1 lb of bacon
made us about 30 stuffed peppers.

Please use canned peppers instead of fresh ones for this recipe.
It is so nice to bite into a soft, tangy pepper wrapped with crunchy bacon....
NOT a crunchy, half-cooked jalapeno!
I don't mean to step on any southern toes here, just try it.
We are just not big fans of raw crunchy peppers.
My husband warned me that I might lose my 'Texas card'
if I dis the crunchy pepper thing too much, so...I will leave it at that.
If you like your peppers half-cooked and crunchy,
then, crunch away....but if you want to be adventurous,
you might just want/need to try these!

Yes, please....end of story.
The End