It seems I have always had a knack for
doodling and drawing,
crafting and painting, cooking and decorating.
Funny how even those traits can be inherited.
I never consciously set out to be like my mom,
but now, looking back, I am so thankful
for the many times we did those things together.
However, doing all of those things throughout my life
were usually an act of trying to save money,
as my mom often did,
more so than trying to be uber creative.

The roller coaster chapters of my life thus far
have taken me through many different phases of
artsy things. . .if I had a picture of every
little thing I have made through the years,
I would not need Pinterest for sure!

This season of life has me cooking,
drawing, blogging, dreaming of the beach
and being a wife and mom.
so feel free to snoop around,
check things out and get creative!
You can read the blog to find out more!

Feel free to drop me a note at

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